Episode 19

2PM: Final Thoughts

As the first stand-alone discography recap for the podcast, Ashley maximizes on the opportunity to ramble about K-pop, production choices, and Korean-to-English translations. She also shares her overall discography rankings and theories about the 2PM’s future at JYP Entertainment. NOTICE: Anchor.fm listeners will be able to hear snippets or full portions of select songs. Visit anchor.fm in your App Store if you’d like to experience the music. Or, visit the public Spotify playlist, #A3Day Highlights, and listen at your own leisure.

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Multifacetedacg Presents: An Album a Day
A Review of Every Album in K-pop

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Ashley Griffin

Ashley "Multifacetedacg" Griffin is a diverse content creator. Since 2013, she's specialized in Hallyu Wave entertainment, with an emphasis on K-pop and music production commentary.